Oct 20

If you don’t heard talk about him, now its the time for know it.

SBSettings is a powerfull Cydia package, which means having done the jailbreak in your iPhone/iPod Touch, that allows you a very quick way to enable and disable parts of your iPhone/iPod Touch, like as WiFi, Location, Push, etc…

But the full list off toggles is not installed by default, you have to install through Cydia the toggles that you’re interested in. By default you have a list off toggles availables in the options of SBSettings, but this will become clear later.


To install this package you must follow this steps:

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Search SBSettings
  3. Take care, select the package called only ‘sbsettings’
  4. Install SBSettings
  5. Let Cydia to restart your SpringBoard (Respring)

Now you have SBSettings installed, but… how can you use it? Very simple, slides your finger from the operator to the battery icon and you should view something like this:


Here it is! Simply by press in one icon you can activate or desactivate the choosed option.

One recomendation, go to More into this menu, and then choose the option Extras & Options and do the following:

  • Desactivate the Apple Killswitch option.
  • Select the Fix User Dir Permissions
  • Exit from SBSettings, by back and then press the Home button.

Now you have been disabled the control to disable your iPhone/iPod Touch from Apple ;)

Hope to helps you.

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