Mar 17

This is a fast guide for the installation of drupal on apache in a Windows 7.

Taught here it is for local use and for tests, I advise against its use in a production servant.

Necessary material:

– Installed XAMPP: You will find a manual here point by point.

To unload drupal 6.<algo>


I repeat that it is necessary to have installed XAMPP.

– We initiated XAMPP of the following form:


– We go to the folder where we have unloaded the file drupal-<loquesea>.tar.gz we decompressed and it directly on we want where it.

In to our we want it case in C: /xampp/htdocs/drupal.  The drupal folder me I have created it, to order a little the things.

In order to decompress I have used 7zip, is possible to be unloaded from the Web of ninite.


– This drupal-6.<algo> has created us a file, to tar in c: /xampp/htdocs/drupal. So we must finish decompressing it, because .gz means compression and .tar means paquetizado, and now we have still it paquetizado.

– We do the same, but this time as already we are where we want the files we will select “Extract Here”. And it would create a folder to us with our drupal.


– To see that everything has gone or we will go to the navigator (firefox, to explorer or operates). http://localhost/drupal


– we see the file and the folder with the drupal files.

– We do click in the folder and we will see the following thing:


– This is our page of Drupal for its configuration. But first of all we have prepares our data base.

In order to create our data base we will make it through http://localhost/phpmyadmin


– We filled up the field with the name of our drupal (I put drupal616 to him) and do click in `Create’,


– We already have our data base.

– As we want to save many configurations we use parameters by defect that serve people to us as Drupal.

For it we will go to C:\xampp\htdocs\drupal\drupal – 6,16 \ sites \ default

We find a file there default.settings.php. There this file we copied same and renombramos the copy like settings.php.


And we can return to the page of drupal for its configuration.


– Click in `drupal Install in English’

– We filled up the following fields:

Database yam: drupal616

Database username: root

(the rest we did not touch it)

– We do click in `knows and continue’.

- It requests the name to Us for nuetro Drupal site, I I put “drupal to him of tests for the manual of blueplastic”

- It requests the mail to Us of the aministrador, I put mine to him.

– Username’ of the administered one requests `to Us, I I put my name to him (Marc)

– And finally it requests password to us, that will only accept if it has capital letters and small letters.

– We do click in `knows and continue’.


– It gives an error Us, but although it seems that everything has gone badly we see that it says to us that all good except the configuration of the mail has gone, because it does not find the mail servant. It is normal, we have not installed no. :)

– And we already can go to our Drupal that is in http://localhost/drupal/drupal616 (fijaos that the one of drupal616 can be that in your case is different. if podeis are doubts to go to http://localhost/drupal and to do click in the folder. )

– For the peculiar ones: All l or that acabais to form is in the folder where we have decompressed the .tar file.

Podeis to already begin to play with your new drupal. If him quereis to add functionalities podeis to hechar a look to the Web of units

I hope that he is to you useful.

Thank you very much

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