Mar 11

We are proud to present to you one application that can be usefull for organize your gift list and your wishes lists.

Concretly this app is developed and maintaned by me (Ángel) and let you organize your:

  • Wishes Lists
  • Gifts Lists

The app allows to you to define several wish lists, by example, for x-mas, for your birthday, etc… and then inside each wish list you can add the wishes for these list.

By the way of the gifts, you can define at the first level the list of people that you have planned by a gift for him, in the second level you can add the different options that you have planned to him.

The app is translated to spanish, catalan and english.

The application is free, you can download it from the follow link:

I let you some screens:

I hope you find it usefull!

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